“In my opinion, the ‘Bible Made Simple’ is the best introduction to the Scriptures being taught today. It is the most simple, the easiest taught, and the most transferable material that I know of. I believe that it is destined to change the way the Bible is taught around the world.”

-Bill Sutton, Former Pastor of First Baptist Church, McAllen, Texas, and Former President of the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Trustee Board


“I have spent more than ten years in Bible colleges, universities, and seminaries; but I have never found a course anywhere that does so quickly and so easily what ‘The Bible Made Simple’ system does.”

-Ron Carpenter, Former Bishop, IPHC


“I have more than 2,000 books in my personal library and have been involved in Christian education for more than 40 years. I consider ‘The Bible Made Simple’ materials the best that I have ever come across.”

-Kenneth Dismukes, Former Vice President and Dean, West Coast Christian College